Gabriel Munoz
Awesome concept and first chapter. And so close to funding. A definite preorder!
Amanda Orneck
As someone who is gamifying her own motherhood, I love this book!
A memoir of when things were simpler and games ruled all, a truly enjoyable read.
Regina is clearly a gifted writer with an almost unmistakable likeness to how Stephen King reiterates about Writing; Regina recounts games, the things we've obsessed over at least once in our life.She does so with an amazing ability to write. This is a clear remembrance of better times. The warmness within her writing is definitely enough to light up your day.Definitely support this work.
Jane-Holly Meissner
A parenting memoir as experienced by a life long gamer - you won't want to miss this one. Tomorrow is payday, and I'm picking it up for sure. It's so close to Quill with just days left in the campaign, so do the right thing!
Stephen Carignan
While I am also a long time gamer, the metaphor of gaming and parenting fits so well, fathers, mothers, and non parents alike will enjoy this read!
Amy Joel
Fun concept, good writing, cute stories, all set in the gaming context - check it out, you'll have fun!
Maggie Hoyt
This is just the way a memoir should be. Regina's writing makes you feel like you're talking to your best friend. Even better, that friend is about to experience the misadventures of parenting. And best of all, she's a serious gamer. Read this book to make friends with a woman with a quirky, zany, and mighty heart.
Michael Welch
As a father of a 16 year old daughter and 6 year old twin boys, I know that being an parent is no game. Methods of survival include completing small goals, such as running from one place to another for small items and bringing them back. Keeping all that you hold dear in a well guarded, locked stash. Ensuring that the kids are fed, changed, housed and clothed, almost never in that order, on a daily basis for a small reward that is the same each time (them falling asleep). 
Actually, parenting is exactly like a game. Nevermind.
Michael James Welch
Oh yeah. This book, all day, every day.