Born in the turbulent 60s, Chris has been a dreamer his entire life. He was introduced very young to the world of science fiction by his maternal grandmother and later, to fantasy by his cousin’s wife. He has been a reader all his life, a voracious one at that. He has also been making scribbles here and there, though nothing was ever published until now. He lives in the Southern Tier of New York State, with three dogs and three cats. He is in love with his home, his housemates and the deer that come out every sunset to graze in the hay field near the house. He is a great bear of a Scotsman who is always bearded, and has interesting khaki colored eyes. To borrow a quote from a favorite author of mine; the late Anne McCaffrey “And the rest changes without notice.”

I always thought Lucifer, the Light Bringer, got a bum rap. He encouraged Eve to eat the apple in order to gain wisdom while God forbid her to. So I thought, what if? I changed a few things around, granted yet I made his fall from Grace painful and epic. Part of it also came from the fact that the very idea of possession terrifies me, so I decided to face those fears and work on a story where that figured heavily. The rest, of course, is Lucifer being cheeky. His tongue is sharp and his wit very quick, very much like my own.