Fifteen years in the public school classroom has been an insightful journey for me as an author. I’ve taught over 2,500 students—spanning every grade level, multiple subjects, and four thousand miles from rural Montana to a remote Alaskan village above the Arctic Circle. Now I am a physical education teacher in Eagle River, Alaska, and part of one of the largest and most diverse school districts in the nation.

I love helping children succeed, and I recognize that one common factor necessary for all children to find success is having a relatable role model—whether that’s a teacher, friend, family member, sports figure, or literary character. As a teacher, I love helping students find their role models.

Moose Like Espresso is the first book in a series of the same name. I have set out to give young readers another option for a literary role model in the main character: Rigs Seward. Rigs navigates the conflicts that arise in his life as a teenager who is half Alaska Native growing up in the fictional town of Aurora, Alaska.

Life in small-town Alaska is driven by the characters who live there, and Aurora is no different. Rigs spends the summer helping his dad at the Moose Like Espresso Café and interacting with the locals. He is struggling with his parents’ divorce, has conflicting feelings over a lady friend, and accidentally gets entangled in a local bank robbery. Throw in an eccentric moose and tag-along younger brother and you get a humorous character-driven whodunit.

From readers on Inkshares, I’m looking for specific feedback on my writing style as well as the mechanics of the story and an indication of interest in reading the rest by pre-ordering a published copy. I do have a full manuscript complete for book one, and am currently working on book two of the series. Look for additional chapters to be posted in increments over the coming weeks! And many thanks in advance for spending time at the Moose Like Espresso Cafe and sending me your comments and suggestions.