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I just read the posted chapters of Moose Like Espresso.  The concept, characters, humor, first person narrative and pace all clicked for me.  I think the pace and rhythm  of the story would benefit from removing more words.  Some of them aren’t necessary, repetitive sentence subjects, for instance.  The old adage "you keep a reader with every unnecessary word you eliminate" is always good advice. 
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I have been licking my wounds after my first failed pre sell campaign, which forced me into battling myself over a rewrite.  To avoid my interal conflicts about my project I’ve chose to enjoying all the other great projects on  Inkshares... Unfortunately  that just caused a battle with my wallet on how to help fund all the great projects I want to see published.   So now I’m getting ready to battle on both fronts, hopefully  with better results then  others who  have  choosen to battle on multiple fronts.

All, thank you for the support! I've posted the first five chapters of "Moose Like Espresso" for preview, with a few more chapters to come before the end of my campaign. If you like what you're reading, please pre-order a full published copy today and spread the word to family and friends! Thanks again! – Jason