Note, August 1, 2021: It has been a LONG time since I updated this draft’s description (five years, according to the update gap between Chapter 29 and Chapter 30!), so apparently I’ll have to warn people that 1) I got HEAVILY distracted with worldbuilding for the later sequel/series, and 2) the overall plot is shaping up to be "culture clash ahoy! Especially class-based culture clash." It’s going to be touched on in this story, but I’m planning on a series where it will be EXTREMELY evident.

My name is Jamie Legaspi, and I originally started writing Moonflowers on HitRECord. The original summary on the album is what precedes the first chapter, and the link to the main website is

I read a lot of Celtic Christian moon-worship prayers one day, and they were so lovely that I wrote a story to try and capture the feeling they gave me. (Ironically enough, I’m an Irish pagan myself.)

I was sick of how most fantasy constantly rips off JRR Tolkien or Dungeons and Dragons, so I decided to draw off of Celtic mythology and fairy-tales. Also, I intentionally chose not to outline the plot too much or worldbuild very heavily, since I have a really bad tendency to get stuck in one or the other.

My inspiration for the story’s tone is the Green Angel duet by Alice Hoffman, but the imagery is probably more like Pan’s Labyrinth by Guillermo Del Toro.