Do you remember watching American Werewolf in London from behind the sofa? Me either, there wasn’t enough room. I watched it when I was about 10 and it gave me nightmares for weeks - it’s the only film that ever has, and it still gives me the creeps to see props and posters for it.

For me Werewolves have lost their fear factor, their legends are older than Vampires and yet they are always the sidekick or underdog. I want them to scare me again (and others) so I started writing this story. I’m not sure I’m quite at the "I’m just gonna sleep with the lights on" stage yet but I’m working on it.

I would love to know how you feel about Werewolves

Whether finding yourself in the woods on a fool moon, with a mist swirling around your ankles, makes you think you might need a new pair of pants soon. Or even, what you think it will take to make Werewolves scary again (do not say Stephen King, pretty sure he’s too busy to help out lil’ ol’ me).

I also really like the idea of the poor defenseless humans having no signal to call for help. And so this is a sort of cross between Cabin in the Woods style horror and American Werewolf in London, but, you know, shoved into the blender of my mind and whirled around on high speed for a few days.

K.T.McQueen is my pen name and this isn’t my first book; but it is my first Inkshares -which is fairly nerve wracking in itself. So any suggestions, tips, and pointing to useful blogs posts, sights, scary werewolf movies etc. is greatly appreciated.



Somewhere deep in the woods, in a warm and cosy cabin, four friends work on their assignments, explore, and plan a ritual. Alice, Sarah, Dave, and Paul want the strength, courage, and cunning of a wolf. Convinced it will help them with their future careers.

Warned not to go into the woods at night the group spend their days hiking and fishing, and their evenings working on assignments and drinking wine. Until the night of the ritual.

As they begin the generator stutters, and wolves attack. The wolves want them to finish the ritual. Sarah wants to finish the ritual. Alice just wants to get out alive; she’ll do whatever it takes, even if that means she’s the only survivor.