Andrew Wood
Monkey Business grabs hold of you from the first sentence and refuses to let go as it drags on a wild adventure across a tropical island. With stellar opening chapters, Monkey Business promises to be a story well worth reading!
Margo Munro
Funny in all the right places. You will love Ron and Willy and the banter between them.
Yicheng Liu
This is a story that I should've review a looooong, long time ago. The writer has a similar take on humor as I do and definitely seemed to know how to write an interesting story that takes you in. Sure,this isn't exactly Douglas Adams, but it sure can be something a hell lot more with his unique blend of storytelling, one-punch humor, and the familiar tropes of fantasy. Did I mention there's monkeys? Because there is. Buy this book, your monkey overlords tells you to.
Landon Crutcher
“Yeah, but my question is why would a monkey even watch human porn? Does that even interest you?” Willy asked.“Ah, you’re all just a bunch of shaved monkeys anyway,” Jessup waved a hand at him
I loved this book. I can't say I learned a lot but I did laugh a lot. After the first few chapters set everything up, this thing really gets moving. I loved the pace. If you're looking for a light, fun read, this book will not disappoint. I highly enjoyed it!
Richie P.
Being a huge fan of Douglas Adams I gave this book a try. From the samples that are up online I can tell I'm going to really like this book. It's funny, quirky and the characters are pretty likable. Really hope this book gets funded!
This is some hilarious stuff Landon! I like the porn movie names had to show some of my coworkers. Really enjoying the book so far man. Gonna be cool to see this in print! I'm pulling for ya buddy!!!
Stephen Carignan
Landon Crutcher manages to tell a wildly engaging tale with a comedic tone which gives life to the narrative structure of this harrowing situation. On top of which, this is one example which shows a story starting exactly where it should. From clear characters to a thoughtful storyline, the humorous friendship of the two protagonists will draw the readers and make this story a success!
Laila Fite
Having known this man for 16 years and been married to him for the last 6 I must say I am still appalled by his use of commas but all in all it's a fine book.  I laughed out loud, this is not an easy feat, ask my husband.  I've had my head stuck in the Outlander Series but I was able to pull myself away long enough to enjoy this witty, easy read.  I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.