A mother’s worst fear.

     It all comes down to management. That is management that can keep the customers happy and the best girls around. By that I mean the girls that are willing to do a little bit more than the other girls. What you might not expect is that they are praying on the girls. I know this because of my own personal experience with a manager named #PIMP#. While he may seem nice is really nothing more than a Predator that will try to turn your daughter into a prostitute. 

     She started working at #### which is what I call the modern strip club. She met #PIMP# and told me how protective he was of her and the other girls and was really nice. Apparently he was throwing people out all the time and she said he had three sisters and grew up protecting them and that was why he was so protective of the girls there. She spoke so well of him that I even thought he was someone I could trust with my Way too sexy 19-year-old large breasted impressionable loved one. But I was wrong. I was now another victim of the Modern Strip club.

     When she told me that her customers were buying her shots and she was sneaking off and having them. I’m not sure if it was the first or the second time that she trashed all the eBay stuff or just something else but I went into ### late night and sat in the corner to get something to eat and relax. Apparently I looked so bad that the manager #PIMP# came over to the table and sat down and asked me if I was OK. I told him what she had done and showed him the pictures. I told him that she was drinking at his bar and it was causing a problem at her home. He said he would look into it. 

    I went to ### numerous times and was entertained by various people without problem. This was her workplace and I respected that and rest respectful of all the people there at all times. She kept drinking at work and one night came home and caused another major problem which was probably the eBay room being emptied into the bedroom. The next day I went to ### and talked to the general manager and told him about the drinking problem. He assured me it was not an acceptable thing and he would look into it. I had their word that they would not let her know that I had said anything or ever talked to them at all. 

    Two or so months later I went in for dinner and she was working and #PIMP# came over to my table and sat down. He told me that I needed to keep my problem with her drinking out of the bar. He said she must be drinking with friends after work in the parking lot. He also told me to get in my car and leave the state. He also told me that all these girls were the same and I shouldn’t try and help them. And I shouldn’t take that from her and I shouldn’t help her anymore. He said I should kick her out of my home.

     A few days earlyer she leased a brand new 2017 Ford Fusion. Her payment for the car would be slightly over $250 a month and her insurance would be the same. So I decided to suck it up and take the beating and continue to put a roof over her head so that she wouldn’t find herself in a bad position where she felt she had to do something for money. I wasn’t about to let a pimp like #PIMP# gain power over her. When he asked me why I was still letting her live with me I told her that she had done something which he assumed to mean sex. What I didn’t tell him was that she bought a car she couldn’t afford and I had to do my best to protect her from assholes like him. 

     Since he knew that I had filled out the initial 30 day notice eviction paperwork, he encouraged me to kick her out it, and it was right then that my respect for her grew. I knew he wasn’t getting what he wanted from her and that he wanted her to be more desperate. It actually made me happy to know that whatever he wanted he wasn’t getting. 

      Strip clubs know that the strippers they have working for them are desperate for money. That’s why the strippers are there the majority of the time. There’s very few people that don’t need to work in the bar that actually do work in the bar. Strip clubs use this desperation to control the strippers and to talk them into doing things that they would not normally do. Things like having sex with people that they don’t want to have sex with. 

     The way the modern strip club deals with that problem and creates that situation where by the employee is replaceable by multiple people or they can just schedule the people out. Stress and Anxiety over employment is one of the easiest ways to control people. 

    When he had his final conversation with me he told me that she was trying to get her job back. It wasn’t until about 4 months later that she actually did. In the meantime they posted numerous help wanted ads on Instagram and had her unique referral fee system in place for employees that successfully referred new employees. Their offer was simple, $50 a person by default but if they were a waitress or shot girl at a strip club they would pay $100, and $200 if they were a stripper. 

      I’m sure they hired a lot of new people in the time she was gone and she was a great worker and extremely hot looking. So why did they wait so long? Because they wanted her to be more desperate and raise her anxiety about losing her job. They needed her to stop talking back and do whatever they ask her to do.  After all , it’s really just a Modern `StripClub`