In the old days, the guys would come in and they would buy a million drinks and a ton of food trying to get with the stripper and if they did, they would do it outside of the club.

Strippers have been a part of my life one way or another for over 35 years. I’ve been a customer, the Internet guy, security, a victim, the manager, a friend, and I’ve experienced just about all a person could ever want to and then some in stripper land. This is not that story. During that time the strippers, the managers, the owners, the customers, the valet guy, and even the toilet guy would tell me there problems like I was going to be able to do something about them.

Here in Michigan there is one club owner that claims to of modernized the strip club. The fact is, he lost money. The truth is that his claim to fame is really letting prostitution into the club and charging the girls fees and getting away with it.

A strip club makes it money selling food and drink. Now the guys come in and are supposed to at least buy a drink but can just have sex with a ‘stripper’ and leave. Leaving the StripClub owner in the no profit zone.

When you think of the strip club you have to first understand that it’s based on or has a backend of the worlds oldest profession. The worlds oldest profession has always been a great lewer for `men`.

The modern stripclub is not just an extension but also a way for the owners to profit without a direct connection to sex.

If you believe in the worlds oldest profession you know that it is the core business and that the strip club is really just one of the sales tools. Let’s face it you might think that the strip club is actually modern now that it has prostitution in the club. But that isn’t where the moneys at. The money is where the lessons learned from the strip club make more money.

The fact is quite simple. There is no such thing as a modern strip club that you know of and there is nothing more long lasting then the worlds oldest profession. In what I call the Modern StripClub, the guys come in and they buy a million drinks and a ton of food trying to get with the stripper and if they do, they do it outside.

Like a lot of people with strippers in their history, life isn’t the greatest here at end of life. After years of working with stripper related things or being around strippers and a good sense of business, I can clearly see the shift to the modern strip club. I can no longer afford to dedicate my time to writing a story that will not only shock you but maybe even change laws. I need your support.

I’m going to need some time to write about this and there are some places I would still like to visit for reference. I’m going to need a place to write better then where I have to live now. Good news I can do it all on a mobile basis from anywhere in the United States at least.

This story could change the way that people look at things. Your support will allow me to accomplish the writing and distribution of this story.