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In Mission 51 I tell the story of the alien who landed in the American desert southwest in 1954, a place we now call Area 51. The story was told to me by the linguist, Dr. Linda Deltare, who served as the alien’s translator and became his good friend. The alien’s name is Mat (that’s with a “soft t,” according to Dr. Deltare.)

The story starts with a glimpse of Mat’s home planet and its politics, then moves on to the tragic 50 light-year voyage from his home planet to ours. The heart of Mission 51 is what happens after that, here on Earth. Mat is held captive, interrogated, and somewhat mistreated, but he uses that time to learn about us and to cleverly enact his own agenda. He eventually escapes, with the help of Dr. Deltare, and enjoys an adventuresome cross-country romp despite relentless pursuit by a number of interested parties. This part of Mat’s story (and the book) ends in Cape Kennedy.

Mat is the ultimate outsider, a stranger in a strange land doing his best to fit in. He has hopes, dreams, desires, and a mission. He has a lot to give and he also wants his piece of the American pie. This is his new home after all. Yet everything is difficult for him because he is so different from everyone else, and when you are different, much of society doesn’t accept you or want you around. He is truly alienated.

At its core, this is an immigrant story that is out of this world. Mat’s story may be unique, but it parallels the immigrant experience many of us have lived. He survives, with a little help from his friends. For better and for worse, he lives to carry out his mission.

It’s a long strange trip!


Praise for Mission 51

The following are comments about this book, from the Formal Feedback Notes of The Tracking Board’s 2016 Launch Pad Manuscript Competition:

"This is a knockout premise, and those are very rare.”

"The fact that Mat’s story... is an immigrant story, takes this premise from being a great high concept to being a great high concept with real emotional subtext, and one that has resonance with our modern world today.”

"The pages here consistently communicate the story clearly, with great momentum, and a very palpable sense of empathy for ALL the characters... This is a great read, and a very capable execution of a highly evocative premise. This project has tremendous potential.”

"The quality of the writing here, not just on the conceptual level, but also in terms of the story in these pages and the writing of that story, is uniformly strong. The dialogue’s good too, voice specific and smart in its use of subtext.”

"This project feels like it has strong potential for either a TV or feature adaptation, and stands on its own as a great read as a manuscript."

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