Every year over 800,000 people are kidnapped, most never return.

MAY, 1972 - A clear sunny day at a New York park as families and children enjoy the day. A mother and father tend to their son as their daughter strays off away from the park drawn to a figure in the distance. Before either parent realizes, their young toddler is mysteriously gone, nowhere to be found.

PRESENT DAY - Blake is a seasoned war veteran and gun for hire. Between Blake’s rough childhood, and years of operation, he’s not one to be messed with. Only after meeting Casey, does Blake learn how to love and care for another, and see the world more peacefully. She turns his life around, convincing Blake to walk away from a life of war and killing. One night out on the town and at dinner, Casey is taken despite Blake’s attempts at thwarting the kidnappers. Convinced this was not a normal kidnapping, Blake relentlessly works to find out the truth and find his wife, despite authorities showing little care and effort in assisting. Eventually Blake learns the devastating truth involving the past 50 years of kidnapped victims; the wealthy and privileged of another parallel world are taking our loved ones to replace theirs, and our government is in on it.

MIRRORS at its core is a love story, but wrapped in action, thriller, suspense and science fiction. A story I’ve wanted to tell for years that appeals to both men and women driven from never being able to agree on a movie to go see! Hopefully someday my dream of seeing this on the big screen can happen, but in the mean time, I’m ready to write the book!