Altmining wants you! Discover the wonders offered on Moon, or check out the night life in the great colony of Procellarum! Come and find hidden treasures, ancient landing sites, and other amazing locations! Book your trip to the moon today and join Altmining! The future of our civilization!

On an Earth ravaged by constant, bickering wars the only reprieve for some is to travel to the Moon. The rich, powerful, and famous dine in the great hotels, bars and clubs of the colony of Procellarum, the largest colony on the lighter side of the moon. But beneath the glorious parties and shining lights of the high life live the miners, farmers, and industrial workers on the Moon.

Plagued by constant beatings, malnutrition, discrimination and disease the bottom rung of the ladder is the worst place to be on the Moon. Atlmining Corporation, the only major corporation on the Moon, controls a monopoly over mining and industrial operations, practically owning the Colony itself. 

No matter how poor you are though, nothing is worse than being a Mooner. Born on the Moon itself, these exceptionally pale-skinned people have no place to call home. Unwanted by any country, they are forced to accept the harsh conditions imposed upon them by Altmining, practically living as slaves.

Until a spark of revolution comes. An independence movement amongst the lower class rises, but it is undermanned and undersupplied, unable to make any kind of actual impact on the conditions of things.

That is until Tobias comes along. A complacent Mooner who is drafted into the mines, he has become comfortable in his life of constant nightmares (coupled with lack of sleep), beatings, and lack of food. He has accepted his position in life. Until one day he is a pushed by a revolutionary to do something he never thought he’d do: fight back.

My name is Henrik and I’m a budding writer. Dozens upon dozens of drafts, ideas, outlines, and sheets have filled up several of my flash drives. Though this is the first project I have shown a serious amount of dedication to, and I’m hoping that you will find the same amount of excitement that I do out of it. I’ve always loved the idea of the underdog fighting back with nothing but pure passion for a better life for themselves and their friends.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments, criticisms or opinions please let me know.