The Hôtel de Rêves was a place of faded grandeur and strange delights. A source of false mythology, its reality was stranger than fiction; its clientele both select and random. Some came to try its strange curiosity and left, quiet and troubled, never to return. Some were immersed in the experience and went home refreshed and excited. Others were gripped by this organic, yet unnatural opiate; returning as hollow-eyed addicts, over and over again. Maria came to live the dreams of others, but found only a nightmare that was all too real.

My name is David McGlone and I am a 54 yr old writer, best known for the crime trilogy, Ashes and Bone, Deadly Intent & Written in Blood. Having started as a Psychologist, I moved into Finance Management and a life of quiet tedium within government. Through all the years I have written, with varying degrees of skill and success, until 2012 when I concentrated on literature full time. I am a published writer with Endeavour Media and Creativia Publishing.

Mind Games is a book I wrote for both the science fiction fan and the thriller aficionado, a story to make make you think and feel. I wanted to try something different, both for me and the reader, something exciting that could grab hold of you and never let you go.

There may be no new ideas, but Mind Games will take you on a journey to a place you’ve never seen before and will be eager to see again.