Geraldine Leer
Felt like I was right there in Scotland. Mr. Suttle has me eager to read more.
Reader Writer
Absolutely perfect! I'm hooked and need more!! What a great premise! Can't wait to see how this all unfolds. Obviously a truly gifted writer!!
Robert Zorn
Courtney Suttle captures your imagination very fast in MIMIC. A very cool story!
Dani Trundle
So good! Intriguing characters. Can't wait to read more!
Reader Writer
I can't wait to read more! What did 'she' do? Who is the Ghostwriter? How will this all play out?
Ana Camacho
Excellent! Great character development. Loved it.
Reader Writer
Hooked me! Looking forward to more...please! Brilliant writing!
Melanie Calcagno
Talented writer! Loved this!
Reader Writer
Your ability to make words come to life always leaves me craving more. I want chapter 2 - actually, I want the novel.
Reader Writer
I need the next chapter!!!!!