If you like fantasy, magi, otherworlds and magick-

If you like diverse casts that are all inclusive of POC and LGBTQIA and love strong female characters-

And if you heckin love Teen and Young Adult literature that talks about relationships, family, loss, and identity then-

Midnight Constellation: Duline is Book I of Ivor’s story as he navigates two worlds brought together by his very existence. Born on Earth to a historical magi family, there was once a chance where he could take on a powerful legacy. Until his tenth birthday he never knew why he had been sick all his life, and he never knew how many influential eyes were on him, until the Reaper appeared.

Ivor ran away to the Borealis, a world of Fae, Elves, folk and beasts that is separated from Earth by the mysterious Veil. Magick is as inseparable from the cultures in the Borealis as science is to humans. But in the grand scheme of both worlds, Ivor’s always seen the individual as what’s important.