Hi everyone! Welcome to my Mididiots page, it is a pleasure to meet you all.

So, as you can probably guess, at least I hope you lot can- as it is written just up there, my name is Benjamin (Ben), and this is my very odd book...

Mididiots is a very random, crazy, downright insane creation that began back when I was about 15. It was simply a bunch of silly ideas back then which my friend Yoav and myself would run back and forth on school trips and moments of crippling boredom, all the while listening to teachers yap about things we honestly couldn’t care less about; it was only years later that I actually sat my lazy butt down and really wrote it down on paper.

It is a story forgotten by humanity (probably for the best, not gonna lie), one that follows a crazed King and his tiny general as they attempt to ready their city for war against their arch nemeses: the folks of Smartcity.

It takes place a while after the war when the King of Idiotown has decided that, in order to remember it, the only logical course of action to take is to force his tiny one to sit down and write a script about the incidents that took place during the Ice cream wars and yep, you heard me right, a full-on war due to an ice cream... while Troy had its wars due to a pretty lady, Idiotown and Smartcity were having arguments about something to do with a goldfish or God-knows-what (as you can probably tell they don’t make much sense, but alas! Ain’t that part of the fun?!).

So please, come join me in this highly absurd journey to ensure the survival of the most bizarre cities to have ever been forgotten from the pages of our history! Come inside to see the many weird and wonderful faces lost to our world, meet General Tiny, the crazed King, Logic Guy, the drunken Geezers and the vicious General Fluffy as they attempt to save their beloved city (while mostly just destroying stuff...)

Hope you have fun! And if you happen to get any permanent mental damage by reading this- please don’t blame me! You have been warned!

Thank you for reading!