Eleni Garza watched her parents die in a terrorist bombing that stopped her heart. Prothero, a shady corporation, saved her life by implanting her with experimental nanotechnology.

To repay that debt, Prothero enlists her in military service.

During a routine combat simulation, strange powers emerge and Eleni discovers she may have a cure for a global virus. She may, in fact, be the cure to the virus.

Now she must escape a heavily fortified military base and deliver the cure to the same terrorist organization that killed her parents.

Metal Heart is the first book in a trilogy that follows the exploits of young women and men conscripted into "national service." This installment focuses on Eleni Garza as she copes with technology implants, her experiences with terrorism, and the search for a cure to the nano virus.

My name is Mindy Crouchley and I am a first time author - attempting a pretty ambitious science fiction trilogy. I am a comic book and science fiction nerd who was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.

The idea for Metal Heart came from a dream, and from observing technology and social trends. Dystopian fiction is my attempt to come to terms with what I think the future may hold - especially if we continue down certain paths.

This book is copywritten and currently being submitted to agents and publishers.

Tin Road - the second book in the trilogy - is in first draft form and currently available for preview and was submitted for the Inkshares "Sword and Laser" contest.

Iron Curtain - the third book in the trilogy is outlined and in rough draft form.