Memory Hacking is a self help book that will help you become a better you by improving your memory. A better memory requires a better life. 

In Memory Hacks I will share the latest research that explains what your brain does when it learns something new and how to hack it so that the memory lasts longer, is more accurate and is recalled with ease. I will also explain what weakens your memory and provide easy to implement tips on how to change habits.

The reader will discover how some memories are simply the result of the brain’s engineering, and how memories created in this way can be exposed and then changed as needed. You will discover that you may indeed have inaccurate memories and they may not be serving you well. Changing them is just one of many ways that you will discover the truth that Having a Better Memory goes hand in hand with Having a Better Life. 

I will teach you the 2-4-8 technique of understanding how we are engineered to synthesize information and how that gets us into trouble. This technique alone has the power to transform your memory of your past experiences and transform them as needed.

You will also learn the master technique that was once suppressed by political powers because it put people on a path of empowerment. Once you know this technique and have practiced it into a skill, it will be your forever companion in recalling with precision.   

I will share the amazing brain/mind/body pathway that can be hacked in reverse. I will also suggest daily routines to improve your working memory that can do at anytime and or in anyplace. 

My goal is to help you with as few words as possible. That is hard to do, but I will do the work to achieve this goal and in the process I hope give you a resource that improves your memory and your life. 

With your Money

With the funds raised, I will subsidize my writing and insure that the world gets this life changing information.