I came across this idea by thinking about immigration and national identity, America’s history of immigration, and the depiction of immigrants past and present. I am the descendant of Polish and Italian immigrants, now a few generations removed and I wanted to explore this relationship in a fictional setting. I ask the questions what is home? What is national identity? Cultural Identity? What causes someone to leave their country of ancestry to make a life somewhere new?

The story centers around a half-beast family, as they learn to live in their new world. The world of Melting Pot is inspired by the environment my great grandparents would have understood (roughly late 1800’s to the early 1900’s,) when a young country opens its doors offering a new chance at life and freedom, and humans and fantastic creatures heed its call.

I will need to perform quite a bit of research before writing this book, but I felt it was compelling enough to move it to draft stage.

If you would like to explore this setting with me, please follow and stay up-to-date as the world develops.