As 2017 comes to a close, I want to wish you all a prosperous and healthy new year.  Thank you for coming on this journey with me.  It’s been a long road, but we are at last reaching our destination! Mechcraft will be published on February 20, 2018 and I could not be more excited!
We’re having a book release party on that date, so look for details coming soon.
Happy New Year, everyone!

Hello everyone and happy holidays!
The publishing process is moving very fast now.  Just finished with Inkshares’ copy editor, and now I discovered Mechcraft is on Amazon!

Still for pre-order only, but this all just got very real!  Check it out and feel free to share the link with friends and family:


Have a great week, everybody

Happy Thanksgiving, Mechrafters!

I hope you all have a wonderful day of family, food, and relaxation.  As we near the 2-20-18 release date for Mechcraft, I am thankful for so many things surrounding this novel.

I’m thankful I found Inkshares and decided to dive in.
I’m thankful I made Quill status to get Mechcraft published.
I’m thankful for Mechcraft being selected for several Inkshares Syndicates: Quill Brotherhood, The Idiosyncratic Syndicate, The Staff Syndicate, and Great Scifi for the 21st Century and Beyond Syndicate. Each one of these boosted sales and awareness.
I’m thankful for the Inkshares staff and all their hard work and flexibility.
I’m thankful for my fellow Inkshares authors.  Our community and support for each other is such a huge benefit.
And most of all, I’m thankful for you, dear Reader.  You’ve slapped down your hard earned money and took a chance on an unpublished book.  And for that, I will be forever grateful! And if you’re following Mechcraft’s progress, but haven’t yet pulled the trigger to order, now is a good time.  The novel is in the final stages and the February release will be here before we know it!  And if you know a fan of fast-paced scifi, send them the link: https://www.inkshares.com/books/mechcraft-7532

Here’s a couple quick blurbs about Mechcraft:
"Mechcraft is a fresh and inspired take on the Mech genre. Throw human evolution, genetic editing, the singularity, and nanotechnology into a supersonic blender, add a bunch of gunpowder, strap in, and ignite." - Tal Klein, author of The Punch Escrow

"So original, so gripping. An every age thriller with the perfect balance of Sci Fi horror and human philosophy. Loved it!" – Sheila Shedd, editor at Swift Creative

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, enjoy your day!
And thank you again for going on this ride with me!

Best regards,
Brian Fitzpatrick


The wheels are in motion, and there is no turning back now! 

Inkshares gave me the schedule of events for Mechcraft’s editing, art, printing, etc.  And we now have an OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE!

FEBRUARY 20, 2018!  Mechcraft paperbacks will be released into the wild on this date.  I can’t contain my excitement!  I’ll be keeping you all updated along the way.  It’s going to be a fascinating journey.

But wait, there’s more!

Now that the funding threshold has been met and Inkshares has the funds to edit, print, and publish my book, there is some flexibility in the price.  Working with the staff, we have put Mechcraft on sale!  The paperback is now $14.99 and the eBook is now $6.99.

The price had to be set before in order to allow the crowdfunding to earn enough for the creation of the book, and I thank you for ordering early on to get the book to this point.  The price drop will allow us to market the book even better to keep the pre-orders coming in and word of mouth spreading.

I’m also sending query letters to agents savvy in the film industry with the goal of a movie deal and more.

And I’ve connected with a PR firm that is also active in the entertainment industry.  I’m hoping to set up a battle plan for online, print, and broadcast publicity over the next several months so when Mechcraft is released there’s already strong buzz.

As always, I’ll keep you all updated as we progress down this new path!  It’s going to be a wild ride.  And by all means, please keep giving people the link:


Thanks for hanging in there with me over all this time.


Hello Mechcrafters!
First I want to thank you all for hanging in there all these long months.  I promise the book is entering the final stages and will be in your hands in Feb/Mar, 2018.  I bet you’d like to know what’s going on with this book! Wonder no more, my friends:

The final development edit for Mechcraft is finished
All material is now with Inkshares
The copy edit begins officially on October 30
Release will be approx Feb/Mar, 2018- exact date announced as we get closer
Outline for the sequel is complete and I’ve started writing Mechcraft: Harbinger!

We’re still taking pre-orders! The more attention Mechcraft gets prior to release, the more effort is given to its marketing and PR.  This is vital to making Mechcraft is a success.  I urge you to please spread the word on Mechcraft.  There are 309 readers here, if just one order came from each, that would propel the book into the spotlight and gain powerful benefits!  Tell your friends, your family, your mail carrier, your doctor, your barista.

I appreciate any efforts you make to assist Mechcraft up the ladder.  It will pay off big time.  Here’s the link to give:


And here’s some recent praise that has me gushing in gratitude and humility:

"Mechcraft is a fresh and inspired take on the Mech genre. Throw human evolution, genetic editing, the singularity, and nanotechnology into a supersonic blender, add a bunch of gunpowder, strap in, and ignite." - Tal Klein, author of The Punch Escrow

"So original, so gripping. An every age thriller with the perfect balance of Sci Fi horror and human philosophy. Loved it" - Sheila Shedd, editor Swift Creative

Thank you all once again!  Without your encouragement and support, Mechcraft would not be getting published.  I promised you in the beginning to deliver the best novel I could, and we are definitely on track to deliver just that!  I could not be more pleased with how the story turned out.

Best and warmest regards,


Hello Mechcrafters!  All our patience has paid off.  I received the awesome news today that Inkshares is ready to send Mechcraft to the copy editor!
However, since the book is currently being edited by the story editor I hired, the copy edit from Inkshares won’t begin until October- which gives a release date for the book at about February or March of 2018.  We now have a rough time frame!
Very excited that movement is happening.  I thank you all for hanging in there with me through all this.  There is now a light at the end of the tunnel.
More info as it develops.  Thanks,

Hello Mechcrafters!
Thank you all for being so patient through this long process.  It’s been a long road, but I’m here to announce a huge leap forward!

While I wait for Mechcraft’s turn with Inkshares’ copy editor, I have decided to enlist the help of a professional development editor.  After reviewing her sample of my first chapter, I am thrilled that we are on the same page with the book.  She gets me!  SHEILA SHEDD does this for a living, and she’s damn good!  She is going to help me ramp up the quality of Mechcraft big time!  I encourage my fellow authors to visit her page if you’re in need of a talented editor.

In the meantime, I’m continuing to work on the sequel.  I want to hit the ground running with it when Mechcraft is published.

I really appreciate your support through all this, and I thank you for your patience!

p.s. If you know sci-fi or YA fans, please send them to the Mechcraft page.  It just might be a novel they’d love to read!  https://www.inkshares.com/books/mechcraft-7532

Hi everyone,
Sorry for the long silence.  Mechcraft has been in a holding pattern awaiting its turn for official editing, but I’ve been cooking up some interesting elements to keep the novel in the public eye and generate buzz.
Even though Mechcraft has achieved Quill Status and will be published, it’s vital to keep the story in the zeitgeist and grow momentum.  To that end, here’s what I’ve been up to:
1. A small group of awesome Inkshares authors are beta-reading Mechcraft and I can’t wait for their feedback.  It will improve and fix weak areas.
2. My son, who created the cover art, is designing characters and scenes for me to use in a book trailer for Mechcraft.
3. I’ve fallen in love with a new app called Metaverse which allows users to create their own Augmented Reality experiences and games (think Pokemon Go), and I’ve created a story-based Quest for Mechcraft using the ACTUAL LOCATIONS in southern California where the novel takes place.  Players will be able to follow Jake’s journey as he, Bex, and Trent fight for their lives.  This needs some fine tuning, but is coming along.  One of the creators of Metaverse has reached out to me and we’re talking about new features for the app and how to best utilize it.  I’m really excited for the possibilities here.  While this first Quest is directly tied to the novel, I want to eventually create a full blown AR game in which encounters and battles take place all over the country!
4. Outlining the sequel, Mechcraft: Harbinger, is nearing completion.  Soon I’ll dive into the prose!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  More updates to come.  Please continue to spread the word on Mechcraft- the more orders and notice it gets, the better!  And above all, thank you all for the support you’ve given to me and this project.  I promise to deliver a great story for you!

Cheers, Brian

Hello Mechcrafters,
I Received one of the most complimentary notes today from a fellow Inkshares author! I am completely flattered and honored she would say such wonderful things about Mechcraft.If you’ve been following along and haven’t ordered the book yet, this note from Katherine Forrister may swing your decision:
"Hello Brian! I hope you are having a fantastic day today. Thanks for the follow!
I just wanted to stop by to tell you that your book, Mechcraft, sounds amazing. Out of all the books I’ve had a chance to check out here on Inkshares, Mechcraft really stands out as being right up my alley. Your concept of nanotechnology is unlike anything I’ve read or seen before, and I love how it sounds both technological and magical combined. From what I can tell from your uploaded chapter, your writing style is descriptive, yet to the point, which for me is a wonderful balance that is surprisingly difficult to achieve.
Anyway, I’ll stop spewing compliments now. I just ordered a copy of Mechcraft, and I really look forward to reading it!
Oh, and by the way, Sasha sounds like an incredible character. I am fascinated already!
I hope you have a great day! Good luck with your book and any future endeavors. I’ll be following along!"
Katherine is the author of Curio Citizen, and I invite you to check it out here:  https://www.inkshares.com/books/curio-citizen

Have a great weekend and a happy Fathers Day to all the Dads!

Fun Fact: the band playing in The Roxy in the sample chapter is real!  The Potential Lunatics is a sibling duo, and they are very talented.  We’ve been friends of their parents and them for a long time, and watching their career grow has been wonderful!  A few years ago I filmed some of their set at The Troubadour in Hollywood.  So when you read that Mechcraft sample, this is what Bex and Trent see on stage.  Enjoy!


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