Hey Mechcrafters,
In case you missed the Krpton Radio interview, it’s now up on their podcasts.  We had a lot of fun and they covered many topics.  Check it out:

Just got my sample back from the audio book actor! Going to listen tonight and once it has approval, she’s going to dive in and finish asap.  If you like to read through your ears, stay tuned!  Mechcraft on audio is coming soon.

And something cool on Facebook going on:
"Incredible! Mechcraft is now in 5th place on The People’s Book Awards. You guys are doing it!
If you haven’t yet, please join the FB group via the link below, and vote in the pinned poll at the top. This is very exciting. And thank you in advance.


Thanks everyone!

It’s official: my interview with Krypton Radio’s sci-fi show, "The Event Horizon" airs this Saturday and Sunday at 4pm pst/7pm est. Here’s a great work-up they did for the show:
Use that link to tune in, or via Krypton Radio’s FB page.

Hello everyone,

As you may have heard, my interview did not air as planned.  It was a rerun.  I spoke with the CEO of Krypton Radio who apologized and promised to make it right.  They had a major server crash and lost a ton of data.  Thankfully, my interview was backed up, but there were technical difficulties getting it to air today.  The interview will air this coming weekend, June 2 & 3 at 4pm pacific time.  I’ll post the link again later.  Thanks for hanging in there and I’m very sorry for the mix up.

Less than an hour til the interview airs on Krypton Radio.  Excited and maybe a bit nervous too. Come check it out at 4pm pacific time at: https://www.facebook.com/KryptonRadio/?sk=app%2F402411266453495%2F&app_data

Gene and Susan are great people, and I’d love to give them very high listenership for their show, The Event Horizon.  Thanks everyone for tuning in!

Sorry everyone, that link to the radio interview was wrong- thanks to human error on my part!

Here’s the correct link.  The interview airs at 4pm PST tomorrow and Sunday.  Thanks for tuning in:


Thanks, everyone.

Hey everyone,
Very excited to announce my interview about Mechcraft, episode 198 of The Event Horizon, will air this Saturday May 26 at 4pm PST & 7pm EST, and again on Sunday May 27 at 4pm/7pm.  It was an awesome hour with hosts Gene & Susan, and we covered everything about the book, the marketing, the publishing, and everything in between.  We had a great time.  Ever wanted to hear what this guy sounds like?  Check it out: http://krptonradio.com/the-event-horizon


Hey Mechcrafters,

Time for an update on your favorite nanobots.  Had my second book signing at the very cool, Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton, CA.  We had a great time an sold some books too.

Mechcraft has an unbelievable 39 reviews on Amazon- incredible for just 10 weeks on the market. If you’ve finished reading the book, please leave a review on the Amazon page: amzn.to/2kqZHSB I really appreciate your help.

More news- Mechcraft is getting an audio version, narrated by award winning voice actor, Meghan Kelly! I’m thrilled for this and can’t wait to get it out around the first part of July!  Meghan’s voice is perfect for this sci-fi thriller.  You’ll love her.

Next, Mechcraft is in the hands of a writer/producer from the show Agent Carter.  He’s working on new projects, and perhaps Mechcraft could be one of them.  Stay tuned for updates!

And lastly tonight I was interviewed by the sci-fi radio show, The Event Horizon, on Krypton Radio.  Hosts Gene and Susan were a blast and we had a great hour.  The interview will air first on Saturday May 26th, details to come.

I look forward to bringing you more big news as things develop!  
As always, thank you for your support.  Without you, none of this is possible.
Twitter: @TheWritingFitz
Instagram: @MechcraftOfficial

Hello Mechcrafters!

It’s been awhile since the last update and a lot has happened.  So let’s dive in!
Mechcraft launched officially on February 20, and we threw an incredible event.  I had a lot of local support so I invited them all.  We expected 60-70, but ended up with a total headcount of 126!  I am so humbled and grateful for such a turn out.  We had a delicious taco bar and a live band (featured in chapter 1).  Even though many people brought in books to sign, I ended up selling 54 more books!  And to top it off, our friend Crystal surprised me with a massive cake with the Mechcraft cover on the icing! It was magnificent!  I didn’t want to cut it.  This was one of the greatest nights of my life.

Then on March 7, I had my first ever book signing.  The iconic Book Soup in Hollywood hosted the event.  It was a Wednesday, so I wasn’t expecting a crowd, but we did end up with 6.  Fellow Inkshares author, Daniel Lee, came out to support.  Also had an appearance by rockstars Franke Nardiello from My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, and Karl Learmont from electro industrial band, Angelspit.  And unbeknownst to me, the book reviewer for The Hollywood Reporter, Andy Lewis, stopped by as well- he tweeted "Great talk" to me the next day.

After the signing and photos, my wife and I and Karl took our discussion to a coffee house, and we talked for hours!  We didn’t get home until 2am, and it was totally worth it!

To date, Mechcraft is on the shelves of Book Soup, and DIESEL bookstore in Brentwood.  I’ve applied to Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, and several local stores.  Fingers crossed on these endeavors!
Now for some numbers!
Books Sold, Inkshares: 342 (includes my purchases for local events)
Amazon Reviews: 26
Twitter Followers (@TheWritingFitz): 3101
Facebook Page (facebook.com/Mechcraftbook) Likes: 385

The goal now is Amazon reviews.  Authors depend on these reviews for exposure and promotion from Amazon.  If you’ve read the book already, please drop a review on Amazon.  It would mean the world! Thanks

One last note- thank you for all the support over this journey.  Without your help, none of this would have happened, and I am eternally grateful!

Best regards,

Last night was the Mechcraft Launch Party, and it could not have gone better!  Catered taco bar, live band, and a headcount of 126 people!! We had a blast, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all who came to the event, and all who wanted to, but couldn’t.  
Since a lot of you live far away, here’s the Photo Album of the event! 
Thank you all once again for supporting me and this project.  I could not have done any of it without you! 
And please be sure to leave a review on Amazon once you’re finished with the book. :)

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Thanks Tony! Celebrating big time today

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