The Black List reader
MECHCRAFT’s unique take on the potential and sci-fi possibilities of nano-technology is a really special and intriguing premise. Fitzpatrick's script wastes no time and jumps into the action very quickly. The choreography of the action sequences is very clear and concise, letting the reader feel each twist and turn of the chases and every punch and jab of the fights. The dynamic between Trent, Bex, and Jake develops organically, making their bond during their journey feel very authentic and relatable. Overall, the script is a promising, intriguing and original sci-fi drama, which is a very sought after commodity in the current competitive landscape. With some finessing of thematic elements and a further exploration into the larger conflict of this world, this script has potential to appeal to a young audience hungry for a sci-fi adventure.
J.M. VerHelst
Its so refreshing to see such a unique idea come to life. An excellent marriage of magic and technology, mixed with great dialog and characters. Cannot wait to get a copy in my hands!
Darcy Conroy
Imagery, action, characterization - completely engrossing. Quite simply a damn good read.
Blue Cat Reader
This script has a really cool and unique idea behind it. I was intrigued by the powers these teens had and was intrigued by the idea that they chose to have the powers instead of it being a mutation or what have you with the exception of the protagonist, Jake. His parents keeping his true nature from him and then being taken away from him when he needs them most is all good stuff. Bex and Trent were nicely done characters as well. They've got some spunk to them and Sasha is a formidable enemy. The goal of getting to Phalanx is nice, easy and clear. Whatever it's called we all sort of get the idea of needing to get to paradise or the safe place.
Stephen Carignan
Mechcraft is an action packed sci-fi story where mysterious factions battle for control. Through expert description and great imagery, Fitzpatrick grabs readers with great pacing and a three dimensional world. This is a great addition to the realm of Sci-Fi, and I look forward to reading more.
Kelsey Rae Barthel
Badass in every sense of the word. Get Mechcraft if your up for some urban fantasy action!
Kelsey Rae Barthel
I absolutely love each character in Mechcraft taking the same superpower but using it in an unique fighting style. It you like urban fantasy you'll love this. 
Peter Ryan
This is a book absolutely worth getting into and getting funded. I've already got a couple of copies myself. If you haven't pre-ordered, you're going to miss out on a good one. We all are. Get this one home.
Kyle T. Cowan
Reminds me of The Eye of Minds a bit, which is a really good thing. I suggest you read Fitzpatrick's sample, and consider preordering this book! Very stylized, very cool, and a great premise. Can't wait to read more.
Brien Shores
How can you not get pulled in by Harry Potter meets the matrix?