I get that this story may need some explaining. The bare bones of this was written a long time ago, back as part of a youth where I myself was very isolated from the world, harbouring a lot of pain and not understanding the world as most people around me seemed to.

I was fascinated by how much a younger person in their life could hurt, and I mean really hurt, all the way down to the dark depths of despair that depression brings about and how, no matter how hard the protagonist would try, he just couldn’t find a way to fit in.

But then someone always comes along and offers a glimmer of hope. No matter how awkward forming relationships are, just one small moment can open someone’s eyes.

So this story is about a younger man just wanting to try and run away from his past. He feels the world is against him, carrying a lot of angst and unjustified bitterness towards those in higher standing around him. He has his reasons to run and it all goes back to the suffering he went through with his sister, the one person who means everything to him.

March North West is his journey, his misguided journey which ultimately leads him full circle back to himself and the pain which he has to face and put to rest.