Once a generation the people train up a champion and send him off to the Dragon Mountain in an attempt to kill the beast. None have returned. Now it’s Balfour’s turn.

Makhaira is a fantasy graphic novel that follows the quest of a dragon slayer as he heads off to do what none have accomplished before him. First though he must bind himself to the chief’s only daughter. Together they are the Swordbound.

Joined by Balfour’s best friend and chief devil’s advocate Rostram, a portly scholar named Alvarys, and a mysterious thief known as Vulf, Balfour and Makhaira march toward the Dragon Mountain.

Will they be different than all the couples who have gone before them? Are they strong enough to finally end centuries of bloodshed?

About the Project

The manuscript for Makhaira is complete. It was written some years ago and languished for lack of an artist. Now my own Swordbound Arthur Orneck has agreed to take the challenge. His only caveat: I have to get a publishing contract for the book first.

And that’s where you come in. Inkshares’ hybrid publishing model coupled with the Launchpad Manuscript Contest means that Makhaira finally has a chance to succeed. Order your copy today and make sure Balfour and Makhaira get to the mountain!