I’m an avid reader. No -- voracious. Anything from historical fiction, non-fiction and memoirs to chick lit, mysteries, and true crime. It depends on my mood, I suppose. For years, I’ve sat on the notion of trying my hand at producing what so consumes me, to produce rather than consume, in a sense. The idea: definitely a mystery (my genre of choice, if I am pressed to choose one), but one not too emotionally or mentally taxing on the reader. Oh, and I always wanted to throw an escort angle into the mix (yes, a fascination developed over the years through various fiction and non-fiction works on the subject).

So results a lighthearted "cozy" chick lit mystery, as you will, at the heart of which is an escort agency owner in Manhattan, who stumbles on a murder that threatens the business she built, her friend’s life, and the secrets of her past that she’s trying to keep under wraps.

Think of this first novel in the High Heavens, Elite Escort Agency series, as Secret Diary of a Call Girl meet the situation of a Law & Order episode, but wrapped in the narrative tone of Confessions of a Shopaholic. A bit...unconventional...right? I know. You’re probably thinking how does that even come together? Well, read on (the prologue, at least) to find out.