J. Danielle Dorn
Human stories in a science-fiction world. Webster's writing style is refreshing, and even though I have no clue what the hell is going on by the end of the fifth chapter, she has my interest and attention.
Alexander Barnes
A very down to earth feeling in a genre that is anything but. RH Webster brings a certain personal touch and an almost cynical wit to a story about spaceships and danger, that very much endears it to me, and I hope to many others.
Alisa B Gann
Just read chapter 4, and I cannot wait for more! Keep up the great work!
Kirsty L Jennings
I completely loved the writing style Webster uses, it entranced me and I certainly want to read more! The description, dialogue and emotions all felt real to me and it made me believe in the characters she had created with such intensity. I can't wait until the book is published, I want to read more!
Elayna Mae Darcy
When getting a notification that there's a new chapter to a book you follow brightens your entire day, you know you've got a great story on your hands. Lucky does just that. With a helluva beginning that leaves you begging for more, you quickly find yourself meeting a great cast of characters who you're just dying to know fully so you can get to writing that fan-fic already. Lucky's the kind of story that grips you and doesn't let go, but to be honest, you wouldn't want it to anyway.
Amanda Orneck
The current excerpt of Lucky introduces three characters, the eponymous heroine, a surly space captain, and a waitress drudging her days away in a space colony cantina. The chapters give brief glimpses into who these three people are, and quickly establishes how they are interconnected. You get the sense that these are real people in a potential romance novel, with real emotions and problems that just happen to occur in space...
C. M. Molisani
I talk a lot about prose, and narrative; every reader thinks about them but never says it. This is work that pulls the eye (and mind,) in and makes you enjoy reading. Do I have any idea (yet) what's going on? No, and I don't care. Why? Because the prose is a pleasure to read and thee narrative is escorting me where I want to go. 
Kelsey Rae Barthel
Webster certainly has a firm grip on the technical aspects of space travel in her world. With vivid descriptions of the ship controls, the catapult procedures and ever the bureaucracy of space travel presents and well thought out and extremely interesting piece of work. Bravo  
Stephen Carignan
Lucky creates an engaging world in just a few short paragraphs, and sets up the emotional tone of the piece quite effectively. One of the strongest points of the work is the casual tone with which the author mentions the technology, which is effective because the people of the world are used to it. I look forward to reading more.
Thomas J. Arnold
With a clear vision of a future we can easily see growing out of our own world's present, Ms. Webster quickly engages my mind in thoughts of where we are heading. Add to this her excellent characterization which makes us truly empathize with her characters, and I for one cannot help but feel I live in this future alongside of the characters. These two elements bring with the promise of truly great science ficion, and make me eagerly anticipate the full book.