I’ve written several stories with Lucifer as the main character, and this story comes from an idea I had several years ago while finishing a draft of my novel Clockwork Angels. My version of Lucifer is very unique: he is not the source of all evil, but a reluctant executive supported by a bureaucracy of idiots. The resulting evil is a problem Lucifer must constantly solve, but how can he consistently save the world from itself?The whole thing sucks, but the Devil just can’t quite get to the point of giving up on humanity. Ironic, considering the fear and loathing he receives in return.

In this tale we see a young black family forced to deal with the possession of the youngest daughter. Some interesting questions must be answered. What if, after exhausting all other options, it was the Devil himself that performed an exorcism? What does it mean to be evil, for is evil not simply a matter of choice? And if the Devil himself is not evil, then where does it really come from?