About The Book

Who doesn’t love a beagle? Snoopy’s a beagle, and everybody loves Snoopy, right? There’s also this -- if I had a dollar for everybody I’ve encountered over the last few years who gets a wistful look and says, "I had a beagle when I was a kid!", I’d be sitting on a big pile of cash. So we agree -- everybody loves beagles.

The bad news is that thousands of beagles are not free, and not getting a whole lot of love. They live in cages, without names, in laboratories all over the world being subjected to all sorts of medical and cosmetics testing.

This is the story about how a one-time laboratory subject, a beagle known only by the numbers tattooed in his ear, learned to become a lovable, much-loved little clown once he found freedom. It hasn’t always been an easy journey, but it’s been one full of adventure. And we can’t imagine our lives without him.

As I am doing with my novel, Women Like Us, recently published by the Quill imprint of Inkshares, I will donate 10% of my royalties on this book to the Beagle Freedom Project, so more work can be done giving beagles like Derric a second chance.

Oh, one last note -- we have what must be thousands of pictures of Derric and George, and I’m using them here, but for the final book the plan is for black and white illustrations.

About The Author

Jason Pomerance was born in New York City, raised in Westchester County and graduated from Middlebury College. He lives in Los Angeles with his partner and their beagles. He has written film and television projects for numerous studios and production companies, including Warner Brothers, Columbia Pictures, Fremantle Media and Gold Circle Films. His novel Women Like Us was recently published by the Quill Imprint of Inkshares. His novella Falconer appeared on Nikki Finke’s site, Hollywood Dementia. See more about Jason at http://www.jasonpomerance.com