I spent this weekend riveted by Louisiana Blood; my husband had to put up with many (polite!) exclamations as I got more and more involved in this thrilling story - so exciting! Can’t wait for the next Chandler Travis and Duke Lanoix adventure!
Peter Ryan
Mike Donald has a magnificent flair for description. His vivid prose pulls you deep into the story while his deft plotting sucks you in even deeper. I can feel the Louisiana swamp waters surging around me. This is high quality writing from an author at the top of his game. Louisiana Blood demands to be read. 
William Schiele
Louisiana Blood creates a chilling sense of foreboding and horror in the delta swamp. The unnamed soul at the mercy of the four sisters is pitiful and engrossing. I gotta find out what happens to him. Order this book and join in tis thrilling journey.
Jo Stevens
Louisiana Blood is a completely different take on the greatest conspiracy of all time. Re-imagined as a mix of love story, social commentary and action packed thrills set between 1888 and present day Louisiana.
Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
I absolutely am FASCINATED with THIS!! GREAT WORK!! Highly recommend you check THIS ONE out!
William Schiele
Mike Donald has mixed genre's in a most delightful way. A British investigator tracking a crime from the past set against the ghoulish horror of the criminal who seems to have escaped into the spooky, creepy swamp of the Mississippi delta.  This book is good and getting better with every Chapter. Let's make this one a success cause I gotta know who did it. 
Kelsey Rae Barthel
With Louisiana Blood, you jump straight into a scene of vivid and frightening imagery. It draws forth a primal feeling of dread that puts you in the best mood to read horror and it just keeps getting better. I tip my hat to Mike Donald for wasting no time in setting the right mood. 
Brian Fitzpatrick
Insanely great idea! Original and intriguing. Looking forward to reading this book!
Love the premise, really looking forward to reading it!
Michelle Blain
Written by an author who has clearly developed his trade. Excellent read that I definitely will finish...and order.