The Riot

            in the year 2098 the united governments of Earth (UGE) started Operation Prometheus in an attempt to further the existence of the human race, they sent hundreds of ships to the far reaches of the galaxy to colonize the only thing they had left After the great disasters destroyed humanity, the colonies lost all contact with Earth and each other losing all of Human Knowledge with them.         

      Justin woke with a jolt as a voice called through the haze of sleep, “Justin! Wake up! The Riots are coming!” Justin sat up quickly and fell off his rack with a thud.

         “Why are you on the floor?” His sister, Theo, asked, coming into the room “Never mind, we have to hide, they’re almost here!” she said frantically.

             Justin pulled himself up and followed his sister out of the room into a slightly larger room where she was already pulling crates out of a storage closet, stacking them in the corner, 

           “Get in” she commanded “You know I’m older than you” Justin grumbled crawling into the cramped space, still half asleep, “And?” Theo shot back,

         She looked around the small house one more time before crawling into the closet with Justin 

            “Computer, lock storage module 6 please” “yes ma’am” a monotone voice said through the speaker on the ceiling as the door closed with a soft click.

           The riots had been happening for as long as Justin could remember, but they had been happening with more regularity and strength recently, the rioters were the radicals that broke into houses and kidnapped random people never breaking or stealing anything else, the king used this oddity as a testament to the rebels insanity and chaotic nature. Theo’s elbow was ramming into Justin’s sternum and he opened his mouth to comment on this fact when the high-pitched buzz of the front door sliding open shattered the silence surrounding them. Justin closed his mouth and lay still as the muffled thuds of footsteps echoed around the chamber behind the door, the sound of footsteps suddenly stopped as a gruff voice replaced it “Site 482 clear” “Affirmative” a static voice replied before the door slid open again and the sounds of footsteps faded.

       The siblings waited a few moments before opening the closet door and climbing out and replacing the crates, then proceeding to check the small chamber for any abnormalities caused by the rioter, everything seemed to be in order until Justin looked up at a digital tablet that normally bore the face of the dark-haired sharp-eyed man that was The King. It had been replaced, however, by a mass of swarming text including the words “Liar” ,“Thief” and “Crook”, these words were obviously the result of some basic virus or cheap disruption module you could buy from a trickster cart at the market. Justin was holding the tablet in his hands to inspect it further when a dull boom echoed through the atmosphere surrounding the world in darkness.

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