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"Thriller enthusiasts will want to add this well-sculpted heist drama to their collections." - Kirkus Reviews

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It was supposed to be a simple heist. But running with art thieves could get them killed.

San Francisco. Disgraced investigative journalist Camden Swanson spends his nights guzzling beer and penning nonsensical poetry. Working as a museum guard after writing a drug-addled disasterpiece that lost him his job, his life takes a wild twist when he’s offered a huge sum to help steal the institution’s prized Matisse statues. But when someone else snatches the sculptures first, Swanson’s beautiful benefactor demands he return them… or die.

Unable to persuade the vengeful femme fatale he didn’t double-cross her, he engages the help of Veronica Zarcarsky, a recent journalism school grad. But when they discover a shocking secret and everything they’ve learned turns out to be a lie, Swanson suffers a brutal attack and his partner is nearly murdered.

Can the ragtag duo crack the case before they end up in the obituaries?

Lost in the Fog is the first book in the Camden & Veronica mystery series. If you like wise-cracking investigators, twists you won’t see coming, and classic crime capers, then you’ll love this action-packed whodunit.

Author Bio:

I am the author of the acclaimed novel A Model Community. Born and raised in Lynn, Massachusetts, I have degrees from Boston University and Emerson College. The inspiration for Lost in the Fog came from working as a museum gallery attendant many years ago, where I would combat boredom by scribbling nonsensical poems in a tiny notebook to the dismay of my supervisors. While I spent many years getting lost in the fog in San Francisco, I currently reside in sunny Honolulu.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in checking out my first novel, it can be found here or here. You can also visit my website and blog. Mahalo!