Michael Ostrowski's latest update for Lost in the Fog

Feb 5, 2020

Aloha All,

I’m happy to share with you that Lost in the Fog is nearly ready to reach your hands and eyes as a published book!  Inkshares is currently doing the design pour, which is one of the final steps before it’s printed.  While I don’t have a hard date yet, publication will be either this April or May.

I also have the cover I can at long last reveal to you! 

Lost in the Fog shares a few strands of DNA with the Maltese Falcon, the Big Sleep, and a few other of my favorite classic mystery novels.  And the cover is a pulp fiction inspired throwback to those books, designed by the immensely talented team at Coverkitchen.  I present it to you below.

There was a ton of back and forth and revisions, and I’m thrilled with their final version.  Although I love the old pulp covers, I wasn’t sure if it would work for my book, and originally considered more modern designs.  But in the end Xavier and Rafa of Coverkitchen came up with the throwback concept, and nailed it.

So excited to be in the home stretch, and I’ll continue to keep everyone updated!