Michael Ostrowski's latest update for Lost in the Fog

Aug 25, 2019

The calendar has flipped eight times since my last update, but I finally have some good news to share about my novel Lost in the Fog!

As mentioned previously, Inkshares is a small company with limited resources, and they can only put out so many books each year.  Most of you reading this update have already purchased/backed my book, and I wish you had a copy of it in your hands right now.  I submitted my final draft last summer, and my manuscript has unfortunately been collecting digital dust since then. 

But I’m happy to say that Lost in the Fog is finally in production! 

An editor from Inkshares (Mr. Ryan Quinn) recently did an excellent copy edit on it last week, and I got the opportunity to review it.  My job was to go through all his comments, answer his questions, and then either make changes or respond with “stet”, which means “let it stand”.  Then I had to review all of the tracked changes he made (mostly punctuation, formatting, and keeping the manuscript copacetic to the Chicago Manual of Style), and either accept or reject them.

Thankfully Mr. Quinn did not have many questions (I attribute that to the great job of my first editor, Ms. Caroline Tolley), and all of the changes he made were technical ones that I accepted.   But I still took about 6 days with the manuscript, figuring this is likely the last time I will be able to make any modifications to it (I ended up making some minor tweaks of my own).  I am very happy with this new and improved version of Lost in the Fog, and I submitted it to Inkshares on Friday.     

Once a book begins production, Inkshares says the process is approximately four to six months to when backers (that’s you) will receive your copy in the mail.  Lost in the Fog still needs to go through another round of edits, a design pour (whatever that is), design updates, cover design, printing, and shipping.  I’d love if my novel could be released by Christmas, but to be safe let’s target January/February of 2020.

I’ll know more soon, and as the timeline gets firmer, I’ll keep everyone updated.

Thank you!