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I love SF.



rainy day, Adventure.

Smile, Find Peace Here, 
Remember You Are Loved.

Give, Love Inside,

Be Here Now,

A place on the road, Above Ground,
Buy Art Not Crack.

Crack is Wack.

Dada is Art.

Linda Grant is a bag whore.

You Know, Gutter Folklore.

1= what you do / time,
Time is Concrete.

Word to you.

That’s Right!

I AM, The One Me, One Love, Love is Creation, Xpress Yourself, Love Self.

God bless us everyone.
The Afflicted.  
In Eternal Passion.

Speak it’s Name and one Sees the Sun.

Sun God, Divino.

Smell This, 
Vegans Save Us, 
Fuck Krishna, 
Go Vegan, 
Hate for Jesus, Hail Satan, 
Jesus Te Ama, Islam!,   


push button.
Jesus Saves, The Church, Allude, 
Stupid Cubix.

Love & Rage 99, 

Simple Tactics.

Class war.

Get a Job, 
My Car, 
Die Yuppy,  
Leave Yuppy, 
Television Addict, 


Resist, Death & Taxes. 

Kill yuppies, Die hipster.

Decolonize your mind.

Yeah Fate.

The Ability to Rebel Makes Us Human.

Fuck You, Life Sucks, Kurt Cobain Rules. 

Bingo, Ingrate.

Joey Alone, For the Love, 

Thought Crime.

Dr. JR Psychology Office Open When There.

Folsom Problem, Jones St Bear Was Here.

BRONX, Black Rainbow.

Art Girls Rule, 
Academy of Art sucks, 

C. Phun Queen of the Road. 
Legalize l’amore. 
just be. 
Fluffa loves Fluffas, 
Mr. Fong Goes to Lunch.

Say-10, Pay It.

Dude Theatre, 
Stinky Beef Freakshow Plantman, 
Penis, North Beach.

Go speed racer,
Balls of Steel.

Support Your Local Red and White, Spill Blood not Beer.

Skate or Die.

Lifers, Fight for your rights!, 
Police Suck, 
Judge Munson is an asshole. 
No Swine.
Dirt Bags, No More Prisons, Beefy Cakes.

Imortall Dream.

4th Ave Oasis, 
Be Really Nice to Each Other, 
Give Ants A Chance, Help Others, 
Vote For LIfe.

Given A Wall To Write On All Manner of Monsters Are Possible- S. H. S

You didn’t know you were poor until you were told.

Please Share.

Grant Asylum, 
Free Africa, Free Ireland Now!, We Stand with Isreal!, 
Defend Iraq! US OUT!, Fuck IRAN, Vietnam Will Win!

Peace forever, US out of CA.

Fuck Bush, Bush is a Liar, 911 inside job, Bullet, Rats off to Ya!, 

Blue Period, Single Payer Now!, 

I love Obama, 

hope heals, 
one love,
love heals.

The U.S. Lies.

Obama failed.

Fuck War.

Pray for Future Generations Peace Now.

Time for reflection or Revolution? Resolution!  US Out of North & Central America.

Yo! Dude, E Nigga D Nigga, 
Black Power, Fag Power, (Two interlocking Female Symbols), Queer Love, Bone Thugs, GAY, Jewish, Cracker, White Race Awareness, Blond Nation, Fuhrer, Fuck You Honkey, Fuck You Fag , Smash the State, Kill the White Man.

What a Hill, SHIT!

Scampunks Steal Everything.

Someone’s House, 
Evict the Homeless, 
Streetopia, Couch Palace.
Pierre Maris Has Walked every street in SF.

Wake Up, Live the dream.


Charlie Loves Robyn.
Cosmic Charlie.
I dream awake.

To Passers by: Love Life. 

i hart sf.

Look at your game girl, Wing it Girl.

I like Cake, I Like Sex.
Love is everything.

I Love My Ass, 
It’s a matter of simian survival.

Don’t Subscribe to Regressive Behavior.


Turn me on dead man.

Idle Hands, Sculpt, The Constant, Animal Liberation.

Succulence is powerful.


Wild thing, Robot, Track Cats.

Dancer (picture of dancing man), Ramones, Ramon N ?, Black Sabbath, Jerry Garcia Was Here, Slayer, Motorhead ’85, led-zep, P*Funk, AC/DC, Sugar Monkeys, The Wooblies.

Mr.Cool, Where Are You?.

Eat More Pussy.

Mr. Walgreens, Noriega, Buy More Drugs LSD, Solid stank, 4:20, Honey Puff, Love NPG, LSD good for you, 


Test Arnold For Steroids.


Screamer, Melt Down.

Stop Diablo Nuclear Plant

new-tron, Boom!


Yo! Baby, Hey Room! 

Let them eat cats,

Love you, 

Eat my placenta. 

Fuck Off, Duderino.

Happy Valentines Day, 
Te amo.

Bad Liar.
Kenny doomed, Mr. Hardda.

Kate is the Sweetest, 
Sweet Nightmare.

Ho Suck.

Blowjob 2003-Malice, Joe Drama RIP.

Love Lost.



The Joy Of Soy Works!

Fuck New SF.    

Locals Only.


Skulls 79

(chinese characters translates to Pei-Ing School Association)


zar I

Hand Ball ’80, 
4ever Puerto Rican Italian Familia, 
Nica AkA “E” Late, Queen Bee, Chachi, Roxi Big Booty, Baby J, Big O, Fiat, 89’ Quake, 
milo, monkey, kasper, gupi, suri, buddah, peanut, boy dog, fritz, etc, 
Cookie Top Cat, 
Camille and Mommy 9/18/03,  

la gata, 

The Chocolate V That’s Me,  XX4 Norte,  LOCO NORTH SIDE XIV, muriels house,  
Staff own DP, Eddie 1956, Racoon, Crazy N8, Bearcat Loo ’08, La Mara, Cappyness for Life, Amerdog,  Dave the Painter, 49er Corner,  Go Niners,  Bonita, Bella Italia, The Farmers Block 2010.

Scmb Santa Cruz,
Dirty South Loco St.,
Sammy was here,
__ lived here.

Go back to where you came from.

Get your ass to mars,
Love and Peace.

Free the People.

Ahoy!, Captain.

For Joy of Soy, 
Happy Birthday Stella.

Tat-bang, Party Cats.
Off the Hook

Hayduke Lives!
Will I am will never leave.

Cindi Simms Has Aids.

Bye Bunny, 
Smile, Etc phone home.

Beam me up scotty, I love my Family.

Anita Where Are You?
It’s all the same love, Free.
You are an outlaw for my love.

Fuck San Francisco.

Think for yourself. Namaste.

The End ‘92.
No more.