I am really doing this!

Since I gave birth to my wonderful baby daughter Ellie I have been dabbling with rhyming stories for children. Little Mouse and the Moon is one of the finished texts. All that is lacking are the illustrations as I was imagining it as a picture book.

I’ve sent the text to a couple of agents but the picture book market is really tough, so no luck there yet.

Anyway, I woke up today and decided - why don’t I do the illustrations myself? (Who would have thought that four years of art school might pay off one day!) And here I am, standing on the doorstep of this here project.

Not being able to dedicate to it as much time as I would like (life getting in the way) I gave myself a year to try and publish this book. I’ve had wonderful reviews on a writing forum and from a couple of friends who have kids. It gives me some hope that this little book will come to life and make it out there.

And now, dear reader, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read these carefully crafted 345 words and if you’d like to support my dream, please, pre-order the book!

Yours sincerely,