About the Project

This is a story about my life as a pharmaceutical poster child.  It’s a story about going from that first prescription to a medically-sanctioned drug addiction and what it took to overcome.  It chronicles a decade of my life during which I was placed on extremely potent "wonder drugs" to combat an undiagnosed problem.  

After waking up one day, several years later, problem still not diagnosed, I realized that my whole perception of the world had changed.  I began to take a long look at the types of narcotics and the differences between what they were supposed to do, and what they did.  

This book articulates a unique perspective to the seedy underworld of what happens to MANY of us, when "the cure" becomes far worse than the ailment; and the necessary steps that must be taken to get our perceptions (and lives) back. The United States encompasses roughly 5% of the World’s population, yet its citizens consume roughly 80% of the World’s pharmaceuticals.  If you know anyone who is, or has been ’handcuffed’ to Rx, then this is a story worth supporting.

With your Money

With the funds raised, I will publish as the writing and editing is completed.  100% of the funds raised will be thus utilized to make this [all too pervasive] story heard - the Publisher has been secured and is set up to go with their own marketing campaign, focusing on the telling of my tale.......