My name is Kazden Risk and I am an aspiring writer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am originally from Nebraska where I worked at a daycare for several years. During my time there children would cry and complain about problems that, from my perspective as a teacher, weren’t that big of a deal. This fresh outlook led me to realize how I, too, would grieve over issues that weren’t as terrible as I made them out to be. Their little lives would often mirror my own and help me grow as a person.

Like Father, Like Son is a culmination of these experiences and lessons in a simple fiction narrative that tells the tale of a single father and his son. As the father advances in his career and personal life, his son also grows up in the midst of schooling, crushes, and more. For both the father and son things aren’t always easy, and their relationship as a parent and child help them both keep moving forward one day at a time.

It is my hope as an author that this story helps you also gain a positive outlook on whatever situation you may find yourself in, and envelope the comfort and joy that is found in the simple truth that things are going to be alright. Thank you.

- Kazden Risk