463359679491abf0a2db4d165df8902e Sarah Griffith · Author · added about 4 years ago
4 pre-orders!

A lot of people may not consider this goal being worth celebrating. It’s not even halfway to the light editing option; but to me, it means the world.

Because so far, there are 4 people who have decided to help me make my dreams (and this novel) come true. 

I say this not to entice more people to pre-order (I mean, not gonna lie--it would be rad to reach that magic 250!), but to acknowledge the support I’ve received thus far. Whether it be with a pre-order, sharing the link to this novel, or offering constructive criticism of what I’ve put up on this website, all of it means the world to a gal who has wanted o publish a novel since the age of 10. 10-year-old Sarah thanks you from the bottom of her heart; and 29-year-old Sarah wants to make your support worth your while.

Spread the word, friends! :) Share with those who you think might be interested, pre-order if you feel inclined, and if none of those appeal to you, then kind words of encouragement would be more than enough.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep hoping and dreaming! :)

463359679491abf0a2db4d165df8902e Sarah Griffith · Author · added about 4 years ago
Woo! Finally got the crowd-funding up and running! :)

It has been a dream of mine for a very long time to publish a novel. So a BIG thank you in advance for everyone who is helping me make this dream come true! :)
17362018 10158379212645092 1517057119664414765 n Brittiny Hill · Reader · edited over 4 years ago
characters that you simultaneously love and hate are characters I enjoy reading about and I am loving these two girls!

i really like the story so far and want more but alas I read all 5  chapters in one sitting !