"Anyone with money can live forever. Surviving is the difficult part.

All Karran ever heard his dad talk about as a kid was his job. How his formula would cure the aging process, make man eternal. How humankind would change for the better. And for years he believed him.

These days, Karran is an Artum Judge on the city planet Osiris. His job? Shutting down counterfeit Elixir operations and eliminating off-register immortals.Fixing the world his father screwed up. Turns out, living forever didn’t make people better—it made them far, far worse.

After a case ends with the unjust execution of a doctor, Karran starts hearing his father’s voice in his head, which doesn’t make any sense. His father is dead. Shortly after, a woman arrives to tell him just how wrong he is. That his father is still alive, hiding away on a remote planet. And he’s working on something new.

Unsurprisingly, the Judges have a new job for Karran the next day: kill Professor Stanis Willher. Which is good, cause he was planning on doing it anyway."

Hey there! My name’s Micah. You probably haven’t heard of me before, and that’s okay. That’s what I’m here to fix.

I’ve been writing for practically my whole life. It’s a huge passion of mine, and I’ve always dreamed of having a book published one day(and even further to be a full-time author, but... baby steps, right?). This would be my first published book. Yes, first published book. (I told you you’ve never heard of me.) Regardless, I’m confident that this will be a story you will enjoy.

What I’ve got here is an idea that has been with me for a long time. For several years I’ve bounced this idea around, working on other things here and there in between, but I’m really happy this story can finally take center stage. Immortal Legacy will take place in a world where space travel, cybernetics, bionic modifications, and (most recently) immortality, are commonplace. Think along the lines of cyberpunk meets Star Wars meets Cowboy Bebop. The longer this galaxy has existed, the more corrupt it’s become, because every new idea that’s supposed to cure it simply makes it worse. So unless you live at the top, life is tough, gloomy, and full of hard decisions.

Something I think about more than I probably should is human mortality. How death, or the fear of death, is what causes us to value life so highly. How, if we didn’t die, our whole mindset—our whole world—would change. The implications of these ideas is what led to this story in the first place. What I hope to convey with it is not only the beauty of life, but also the power of death.

Karran, the protagonist, is a very quiet, brooding person. His past is dark and full of secrets, and he has a very dry, sarcastic way of seeing the world. Through his eyes you’ll get to see lots of extreme family drama, and with a flashback here and there you’ll really get to know his character. Why he hates his dad so much, and why he chose to be an Artum Judge.

Of course, I also want to explore some cool sci-fi stuff, like cybernetic parts/implants (mechanical additions like mental communicators, skeletal bracing, arm cannons, heart modulators, stuff like that) and bionic mods (artificial abilites like heightened hearing, increased strength, breathing lightning, telekinesis, etc.). And don’t forget things like starships, energy weaponry, and androids, too.

I share all this to say, I would be honored to have your help getting this book done and printed. I promise that you won’t be disappointed. By pre-ordering you’re not only ensuring you get your hands on an awesome book once it’s published, but also making an author’s dream come true. And of course, I’ll be sure to constantly keep you updated on progress and such, as well as provide feedback on anything you may want to hear/know/talk about along the way!

Thank you so much for your support,


(Cover art thanks to onestepart on Deviantart! Check them out here: http://onestepart.deviantart.com/)