Librarian is the result of NaNoWriMo 2013.

The story follows two characters, Jeremy and Jacob.

Jeremy is our present day protagonist. Your typical vanilla man. He gets dragged into an unbelievable world of time travel based espionage.

Jacob is a librarian in the future. Life has taken its toll on him, but he soldiers on, fighting the good fight.

Jacob spends his days looking after the largest library in Dublin, with his partner Seamus. They strive to defend the purity of knowledge from the ever encroaching corruption of corporations.

Jeremy is a regular librarian until events break his understanding of reality, after which he has a bumpy induction to the world of information time travel.

Jeremy and Jacob fight the same battle without ever knowing one another. They exist in a universe where truth is subjective and facts are malleable. They strive to keep humanity from falling into mediocrity.