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HEY! I’m Eric Stewart and I’m going to get my head chopped off by a half snake/dragon/orc/and probably a quarter unicorn(long story) in a gladiator match with six hundred people cheering….hey, this is your average day in a world threatening situation ….. right? Okay, okay let me help you recap and just so you know this is my mom’s fault!!!

So yeah, it was a normal day with a nothing going on except…..THE RELEASE OF MAGIC BURNER 5 WHICH IS THE BEST GAME ON EARTH!!! Anyway, I asked my mom for money and she told me “it is time for you to get a PART TIME JOB DUN-DUN-DUUUNNN!!!!(Okay maybe the dramatic voices were in my head so. . .)yeah ,you know me the responsible kid who would do hard work and earn money without begging and immediately….so I went and started to play magic burners 3 (it is still the BEST GAME EVER!!).

After 5 hours deep into the game I was upgrading my fire hydra to level 157 I decided to take a break and chat with Trent calvin , my best friend but my phone ended up taking me to YouTube and I was in the middle of epic showdowns I was rudely interrupted with some ads as I was closing them I came across something pretty coincidental (what, I can use big words…..sometimes) anyway I found a help wanted ad which was asking for an assistant for “something” so I’m guessing a store assistant or something which I guessed wasn’t so hard so I clicked on it and got ….. hired, I know right I mean I’m not talented at anything and I still got hired , that is pretty awesome and it has a sweet pay it is like 10 bucks a day and that means I can get magic burners 5 in six days, that is awesome so I also found out that I my work place is only 1 block away from my school…so yeah, I got hired by a mysterious in a mysterious place doing something “mysterious” ….what could go wrong…. right?

when I finally reached there I didn’t see anything except broken down house…so maybe searching for a job and taking one without knowing anything about it wasn’t the best idea I ever had but….too late to back out now.

The inside of the house wasn’t pretty on the inside either and I was going to make a break for it and look for another job but then behind me I heard a thud and it immediately went dark and I was getting dizzy as I started to black out I saw a huge figure approach me and…everything went dark.