Daniel WhiteWood was once the professor of evocation at a prestigious mage’s academy. However, events from his past forced him to abandon his post and flee from his established life. Now he works for a cheap mage’s magazine, responding to reader letters and writing the odd story. While on a job that was supposed to be a fluff story Daniel inadvertently strands himself on the outer planes.

Soon Daniel will find that its not just his job that puts his life on the line as past mistakes come back to haunt him. He must embark on an epic planar journey where nothing is what it seems and everyone keeps trying to kill him. He must use what allies he can muster if he ever want to reach his home again. To top it all off he only has two weeks to deliver a fully written article to his boss if he wants to keep his job. It’ll take more than a little luck for Daniel to come out in one piece.

The idea came from a school project I did for communications technology using desktop publishing. I thought the world I had created in the project was interesting enough to base a story off of so I went to work on it. Originally it was supposed to be a novellete, only around thirteen thousand words long, (I’ve written nine thousand of that) but it has evolved into a full story and I hope to write it when I have the time.

I hope you enjoy the story. Any feedback that could help to improve the draft would be greatly appreciated.