Yasac a soft spoken swordsman, meets the eccentric aspiring pirate Scarlet, and join together on Yasac’s old ship the Mañana to find a crew and make their fortune, but Yasac’s ulterior motives may be more suspect as he leads the crew down into the world beyond piracy and far darker. In this witty and tragic epic, Yasac and Scarlet find a crew anywhere they can, from sultry slender thieves to seven foot tall behemoths, as they try to survive with their tiny crew in a world of crime organizations and secret societies. The 18th century is about to get far more interesting.

In this reimagining of the pirate genre there are no more parrots, monkeys and magic. Replaced instead with crime drama and deadly martial arts. This story twists people’s ideas of morality when they face the question; how far would you go for those you love?

Credit to friend David Larson for the Logo calligraphy.