Legend of Five is a series that has been inspired by years of reading stories like David Eddings Belgariad, Kristen Britain’s Green Rider, Jim Butcher’s Alera Codex and many more that follow the hero cycle. This story has been with me for the last ten years and all of the crazy adventures I have seem to gotten myself into. From living in Shanghai, to moving all on my own to the epicenter of tourism in Florida, receiving some heartbreak, and growing into who I am while not letting my job or the words of others define me. This is me, a daydreaming story teller who likes to weave words for others enjoyment.

Part one is complete with part two underway and part three outlined. I have big plans for these characters and I hope you enjoy the journey they are embarking upon. Spoilers ahead!

In the world where Legend of Five takes place in every country and on every continent there are legends, myths and stories that all begin in the same way. Five sons of one father and five daughters of one mother will all die by one of the elements. Earth, fire, wind, water, spirit. Then come back to life with the ability to control what had killed them. Although the Legends of the Ten are considered myths to the masses, this is not the first time these legendary people have come to pass.
Legend of Five: Breathing Water begins with a young woman named Allie, the last of the ten to die. As an infant Allie was sold into slavery and left in the care of the groundskeeper and seamstress of Master Randall Trent at his remote estate. The only expectations Allie has for her life are to take over the duties of groundskeeper when her adoptive father can no longer work. Most of her days are spent in the gardens of the property and being terrorized by Master Trent’s daughter and her personal slave Zera. Allie and Zera were purchased by Trent at the same time but grew up to be polar opposites.

Everything changes the day the Western Pearl arrives. An emissary of the Emperor of Zheguar. This woman arrives turning the entire household upon its head when she claims Allie and Zera are her long lost sisters and she intends to take them from Master Trent. Allie does not believe the Western Pearl at first but is convinced to go when she finds out that her adoptive parents and Zera knew all along that one day Allie would be taken away. Zera is Allie’s twin sister whose real name is Lily. Lily died by drowning not long after birth and came back to life with the ability over water. This power included turning Lily into a seer able to see all that was, that is, and could be. The five sons and five daughters are divided in their goals and desires. Four of the sons and Allie’s oldest sister Laurel are out to make sure Allie dies by air.

The Western Pearl, her real name Aster, is trying to keep Allie alive to save her from the fate of death. Aster decides to take Allie and Lily far from Master Trent and back to Zheguar hoping to keep them safe. The group trying to protect Allie is their sister Iris a singer who can control fire, Lily, their nephew Ben, Hawthorn who is the youngest of the five sons with the power over earth, and Guard a mysterious mercenary who is revealed to be connected to Aster through their shared past. The group heads south with a few unplanned stops along the way. Once they make it to Zheguar not even the emperor can save them. The legends of the ten begin to spread, planting the seeds of war and unrest throughout the continent. Allie will soon become the interest of emperors, secret societies, queens, cults, religions, and mercenaries. Fighting for her life and her family Allie must decide between living and dying. Allie will embark on a journey that will take her far outside of the confines of her master’s property. She will learn about sisterhood, the strength she has in herself as well as learning about the strength in others. Traveling with her new found sisters Allie will venture to far off lands, find out what it is to be a part of a family, learn to love and become the woman she was always intended to be.

Legend of Five will travel across a diverse and complex world, adding a wide cast of strong characters along the way. Each sister and brother have developed backgrounds that will be addressed over the series creating grey moral areas. Allowing each character to grow as they seek out the truth in their own circumstances.