The world of Legend and Lore has been percolating in my mind for a long time. It’s taken many different forms over the years, but it wasn’t until I read Stephen King’s short story, ’Crouch End,’ that the concept really crystallised.

The tale is a creepy little addition to Lovecraft’s Cthulu mythos, and sticks in the mind long after reading. An American tourist vanishes in a mysterious part of London, pulled into a hedgerow by something nebulous and unnamable. King (as he always does) juxtaposes the mundane with the otherworldy to chilling effect. Like Police Officer Vetter in the story, it got me thinking "about dimensions."

Legend and Lore is about Lincoln, a deeply cynical young man with a painful past. His stepfather left him a fortune in the hope he might better himself, but Lincoln seems hellbent on self-destruction. Enter Mr. Clarke, who invites him to attend an exclusive event for the super-rich, hosted by an organisation called LORE. Clarke tells him is that he will find answers there to some of life’s greatest mysteries.

Skeptical but intrigued, he goes along. Clarke’s promise comes good and then some, as Lincoln is catapulted into a heady world of myth, magic and alternative history.

Mythical beings once shared the world with us, and occasionally still do when our respective universes collide. Lore’s mission is to spread awareness of their existence. They deliver certain endangered species to the care of influential people around the globe (for a price). All of this is working towards a peaceful return to golden age of legend.

Lincoln has his own reasons for joining, and when he discovers Lore isn’t all it claims to be, he is faced with a choice...

This is the first book in the Legend and Lore trilogy, and is called ’In Human Skin’. Although you could accurately describe it as urban fantasy because of the contemporary setting, it contains strong elements of both science fiction and horror. Every character is dear to my heart, from those in the unit Lincoln joins within Lore, to the much stranger beings he meets along the way.

The novel is complete and I’ll be adding chapters every couple of days. I have a definite plan for future instalments and would love the chance to share this universe with you!