Hi all,

I am a first time novelist as well as a full-time Ph.D. chemist. I am also a newbie to the inkshares platform so I am not yet as popular or familiar with all of the offerings as more seasoned writers and members.

I was inspired to write this magical fantasy book for three reasons: (1) As a chemist, I can’t help but to see parallels between what I see in the lab and what is portrayed in various potion labs throughout other fiction novels. (2) I thought that it would be fun and entertaining to visualize a new world with adventures through the eyes of a unique character. (3) My hope is to not only entertain young readers, but also peak their interest in the sciences along the way.

More about the novel: After the loss of his parents, seventeen-year-old imaginative college chemistry student, Maxwell Bryden, attempts to be recruited into an exclusive potions league to learn the secrets of potioneering and get revenge for his parents. However, in a society that knows nothing about the league of potioneers, discretion is key. The League President, a lovable and witty yet brittle retired MIT chemistry professor, Albert Socrates Knox, rarely takes on new pupils into the secret potions league. Eventually, Maxwell is sent on errands to prove himself to the league and retrieve key potion ingredients from an alternate world that he never knew existed. Meanwhile, an ex-apprentice of professor Knox has unleased havoc on society in an attempt to steal a sacred book of ancient secrets while killing off opposing potioneer bloodlines. The elderly professor Knox’s realization that he can’t defeat this threat on his own, forces him to accept the help of his four apprentices; little do they know, Knox has other problems to face. In a final battle for freedom, Maxwell, aided by his fellow potioneer apprentices, embarks on a dangerous and vengeful confrontation with the ex-apprentice. Throughout his adventure, Maxwell, on a quest for truth and a bit of self-discovery, struggles to overcome his feelings of loneliness—uncertain of what his future now holds. Will Maxwell, a teenager turned novice potioneer, penetrate the truth about his parents before it’s too late? How will professor Knox confront the demons of his past that led to the betrayal of an ex-apprentice? Was professor Knox involved in the death of Maxwell’s parents?

LEAGUE OF POTIONEERS is a gripping, intelligent, and imaginative take on the classic human journey of growth from new experiences. I hope that you feel, as I do, that I have succeeded in creating a YA fantasy with an intriguing plot, high stakes for the main character, and compelling action. Maxwell is like many of us who often feel it’s essential to keep pushing forward to distract ourselves from being overwhelmed by events in our past.

The current draft of the manuscript is about 91,000 words and has been professionally edited by a 20+ year veteran editor from Random House with expertise in middle-grade and young adult novels. If you like what you read in the sample chapter provided, definitely pre-order your copy today! Also, share with like-minded individuals and encourage them to pre-order as well. I need a minimum of 750 pre-orders for this work to be published for the masses. If the pre-order limit isn’t reached, you will be completely refunded.

When you finish the story, I would love to hear your thoughts on: (1) how you liked the overall story, (2) which characters you liked most, (3) storylines that you want to see more of in the next book, and (4) anything else that you want to share.

Connect with me more at plhamilton.com