Leaf Falling is a novel of a woman on a journey. Gifted with talents of stealth and cunning, Leaf has lived on the edges of society for many years, surviving through thievery and guile. Taken by a powerful lord due to her unnerving abilities, she is charged to journey with a mercenary and a tale-teller in pursuit of a terrible goal—one that no one will reveal to her. Hemmed in on every side, she is forced to walk a dangerous path in an attempt to win her freedom. But before that can happen, she will have to do what no other person has ever done and defy the gods themselves.

About the Author

Michael Slusser is an English professor at San Bernardino Valley College in Southern California. In between composition and literature classes, he refers to himself in the third person for promotional blurbs and writes about the worlds in his head. Leaf Falling has been the work of many years, and he is hopeful that it may find a home in readers’ hearts.