Devin Parker
Evocative, flavorful, melancholy with glimmers of hope, featuring a woman of color as its protagonist. Deserves a place on your bookshelf!
Reader Writer
So far I am loving these chapters. Hoping this gets funded. I need to know what happens to Leaf.
Joanna K Slusser
A gripping work of fantasy!
And now it starts. Leaf, with the skills of the Artful Dodger and the courage of Frodo, has been well enough developed to be a prize for someone in search of something otherwise unattainable without her skills. The period, dress, setting, and lead character traits are clear, and the reader finds himself/herself drawn into the heroine's current plight. A good beginning in just three chapters.
Janet Strong
I will not read a book if it does not catch my interest in the first chapter. Micheal in Leaf Falling has crafted a tale with so much in the first chapter you just have to keep reading as he opens so many questions that beg for an answer.  Each chapter answers a bit but then opens more questions.  I bought a second book to share.  
A beautiful flow of words that tell a sad but insightful tale, bringing mystery and survival to light as well as making us reflect on our own tiredness and craftiness. Tones of wisdom, patience, and warning resonate in the telling
Leaf Falling, a tale of adventure for the young and young at heart. Here is solid story telling wrapped in adventure and adorned with phrasing and colorful word choices that takes the reader back to an age of legendary and carefully assembled constructs. In this time of quickened messages and clipped wording, Leaf Falling  is a dramatic return to the careful and complete telling if a tale in classic English... a breath of fresh air to the eye, mind, and imagination.  A holiday gift choice to someone needing introduction to the power of words. Or a self given relief from the linguistic chatter of today's hectic exchanges.
Here is the next chapter. A n imaginative read in well developed prose in upscale wording reminiscent of nineteenth century novelettes. A great holiday gift for the young and young at heart.
Marilyn Parker
This book will enchant you with its use of language. You will feel immersed as if you are right there with Leaf.