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How To Revive An Old Deck

How To Revive An Old Deck

The deck of a home goes through several weather conditions, and that’s why after a few years, it needs to be maintained. Reviving a home deck means repairing, cleaning, and protecting from damage in the future, but the question is, how to complete a job like a pro? Let’s go through this ultimate guide to help you out at   LaserLevelHub.

Guides to Revive an Old Deck


 Before you take any step to repair the deck, you need to scrape off all the paint and dirt from the surface. If your wooden deck is already rotten, remove that part and install a new one. Scraping paint and dirt will help you start work from scratch and can give you a clear picture. Sometimes due to no scrapping, there is difficulty understanding the difference between stubborn old spots and dirt.

 Repair the Damage

To revive an old deck, the first thing you need to do is to repair the damage. After several years, the deck may get damaged from different places, and you have to first repair them to move forward. Use nuts, bolts, screws, and extra wooden planks to start repairing work. Inspect the floor for any missing pieces and fix them before moving any further.

Pick the Right Cleaner

There are several cleaning agents available in the market that are suitable for cleaning decks like a pro. Analyze what kind of deck do you have and whether you should organic cleaner or something harsh? If your deck is new and you want to clean it, use home remedies. Start removing stubborn stains from the deck and if you are using sodium hydroxide, remove it after a few minutes as it can eat the wood.

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Protective Finish

After cleaning the deck from a cleaning agent, it’s important to use protective finishing on the floor. This one is suitable for cleaning pigments and will provide shine to the floor. You may have to redo a few steps while cleaning the deck due to rough weather. Wood absorbs a protective finish and provides an absolute mirror look to the deck. It will also hide all the stains and other spots on the deck with extra protection for the future.

Paint to Seal

The last step after cleaning and fixing damaged areas of a deck is to prepare for paint. You need to choose a color that must be reliable to stay for a long time without scraping. Apply paint with the help of a roller and let it dry. The new paint will give a warm, fresh and elegant look to the deck, and it will also increase the value of a home.

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Reviving an old deck is not difficult, but it requires proper steps and effort. A cleaned and painted deck can increase the value of a home and keep your place presentable