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Hey all! I just re-did my video fixed the audio made it a little more straight forward right off the bat. So please look over and enjoy and thanks for the feedback😊

I may go in the next round of edits and redo the character names. Tighten a few things up, but I wanted each story to mirror a certain film genre. Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror, Love, Mystery, Zombie etc... all set in this post-apocolyptic world where people reinvent who they are as a means to cope with loss and tragedy. It does not really even matter who they were before the infection but the day after the pandemic starts they are alive. They are the survivors. Thanks and best,

Adrian r abarca Adrian Robert Abarca · Author · added over 5 years ago
Hello all. I just put up a video for my novel ’Land of the Infected’ and a writing bio please look over and let me know your thoughts. Thank you for the help and support. 
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Hello everyone. Hey oh!!!

I just wanted to post an update on my novel ’Land of the Infected’. I made some error corrections and polished up the first 20 pages or so. The first 60 pages or there abouts is available to read. Some neat stuff really. I took a picture so everone can see I am indeed not an anime fighter pilot. That is Rick Hunter from ROBOTECH, not me. I also made a video for my novel and I should have that all up this week, so please look for those.

All else is good. I wanted to thank the inkshares community for all their support and although in real life I am not a social butterfly, crowd funding this novel has given me the excuse and confidence to reach out to my friends and colleagues who are in my social network and personal ones as well and with their help and support and yours as well we can get ’Land of the Infected’ published together. So thank you for all your help and support and kind words.


Adrian Robert Abarca

Adrian r abarca Adrian Robert Abarca · Author · added over 5 years ago
Hello everyone. I just put up the novel synopsis and will have a video soon for ’Land of the Infected’. Please look over and leave me your thoughts. Thanks a bunch. 
Adrian r abarca Adrian Robert Abarca · Author · added over 5 years ago
Thank you to all who have given me support here as a new author on inkshares. I will be adding new updates as the campaign continues and taking feedback as it becomes to help shape the finished manuscript which is about 300+ pages.

My inspiration for this work was of course Studs Terkel. He is the man. I first came across his works in university.  I was assigned one of his books for class lecture and could not put it down. I devoured his next book as well. I wanted to do something like this for my first novel Leon [Anonymous] but I felt at the time first person would be challenging enough let alone do a transcription of what is supposed to be an audio recording of an interview of infection survivors. So here is the sample and I hope all enjoy the stories.

I should be putting up a video soon and I will add a novel synopsis to give a better global feeling of the pandemic influence on society.

I had previously worked many years ago in different science laboratories out of university so I have a familiarity with the scientific field. I wanted the book to have a sort of detective feel to it. Instead of hunting a person this young female protagonist is hunting a virus with very few left to tell or ask she tries to piece together the story based on the conversations she has with travelers on the road. Okay for now.

Adrian 😆

All, thank you for the support. Things have been progressing well. The first 60 or so pages are available as a sample to read and enjoy. Thank you all for your support and lets push forward towards the goal and perhaps we can get this work, Land of the Infected, published together. Cheers!