Lambda Scorpii is my entry in the Geek and Sundry Fantasy contest, which ties into my science fiction series (of which Disintegration is the first title).

In Disintegration, I describe how one of the characters encounters a human civilization on a world far afield of Earth. Lambda Scorpii is the origin story of that civilization.

Eons before humanity discovered gunpowder and perfected the means by which to easily kill large numbers of their own population and every other walk of life on Earth, portals appeared in every climate, enticing people and animals to explore the strange world that existed beyond the two-dimensional tears (ruptures with height and width, but no depth) in time and space.

Lambda Scorpii presents the possibility that another version of humanity evolved in near parallel to our own, but did not take the same course. The rips in space-time sent the intrepid humans across the galaxy but also farther back in time than Earth’s present, allowing those modern homo sapiens to achieve technological advancement at an earlier point than their Earth-bound analogues.

Magic is an intrinsic part of fantasy and, to paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke, anything incomprehensible might as well be magic. To societies without complex understandings of science or technology, what is a rip in space and time but fantastic?

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